✅What is it and how to watch HBO FREE?

Good! You have found the website where we will reveal the best legal trick to watch HBO for free.

Although they promise you otherwise, you can't watch HBO for free with any app, hack o apk. There are no applications that you can find on the internet that will allow you to hack HBO., Netflix, Disney Plus Spain, Onlyfans o Patreon. Just will only install malware.. All sites that offer to share the secret to access free HBO content with user passwords with you are fake. Can't access HBO by cheating, it is only possible to access by paying, the same way you can't buy on Amazon without paying.

How do I view free HBO content??

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What is HBO?

Now that you know how to access HBO for free, I will explain what HBO is. It is a service to watch a video whenever you want (Video On Demand). You pay the subscription for 1 month and being paid, you can see the titles you want from their offer for a month. You can watch online movies and the full seasons of popular series like watching Game of Thrones or True Detective, The Sopranos or Sex in New York.

The basic subscription price of € 8.99 / month, allows you to simultaneously view the service on 2 screens. Any screen is valid: mobile, computer, Apple TV, Chromecast, smartTV, tablet is included, la Playstation. Therefore, some groups on Telegram or Whatsapp offer account passwords to watch HBO for a low price. Very often, are test accounts, false or stolen and after 2 weeks, you will discover that you do not have access.

Why 2 weeks? Why, actually, you can try during 2 weeks to watch HBO for free. They just ask you for an email, a password and a credit or debit card number to register. If you want to enjoy the free HBO service during 2 weeks, after registering, you can cancel the subscription the next day and keep the trial access during the 14 days. After, you can repeat with a new email and a new credit or debit card.

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Vodafone has a contract to watch HBO Spain on its Vodafone TV platform, thus, they also include free HBO subscription in two of their plans: series fans and series lovers

The quick option to access HBO Spain without paying:


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